Works & Physical Planning Department

The Works and Physical Planning Department formerly known as the Works and Services Department was created in 1962 and is under the office of the Vice-Chancellor. In the University of Lagos Act1962, Clause 1(3)(b) the reference to the provision of facilities clearly defines the function of the Works and Physical Planning Department. This core function is to see to the provision and upkeep of physical facilities and making them available on proper terms for the pursuit of knowledge. The department is poised to performing its function while fully integrating into the Vision and Mission of the University. The department works to provide a conducive environment for Teaching, Learning, Research and Development through qualitative service delivery in helping to achieve the vision of the University of being a Top Class institution for the Pursuit of Excellence. This the Department strives to achieve this through the performance of its duties using the Coordinating system. This system helps the department effectively performance its Functions.